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24 June 2009 @ 08:44 pm
Summer cleaning = More items for sale  
Hey everyone,

I'm just letting you all know that I put up a lot of things for sale on my selling LJ paper_rockets. There is a manga/magazine/book/misc. section where I added in a lot of stuff I want to get rid of. There are a lot of magazines that are now out of print and harder to find, so if you're a collector of...

Animerica Extra
Shojo Beat
Shonen Jump
PSM: 100% Independent Playstation Magazine
or various manga

Check out the entry! Click here for entry!!!

I may start putting some toys up for sale, but I will still ponder the thought. Anyway, come get them before they are gone! If they don't sell, they'll be going up on Ebay or in the recycling. I would rather they go to a good home than end up in the trash, y'know? I took really good care of them and everything is in near mint condition, so hopefully that entices anyone that is a collector.