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17 August 2008 @ 12:31 pm
Note to penpals  
Ok, I'm leaving this evening to go on my vacation. Penpals, if you are waiting on a letter from me, please don't feel that I've forgotten about you or anything. I will reply to all your letters when I get back next week. Sorry for the inconvenience and whatnot, but I hope you understand since I will be out of state.

In other news... I woke up early this morning due to thunder. I ate some breakfast and started watching some TV, but then I got pretty sleepy and fell asleep on the couch. I had such a vivid dream though. I was in the front yard petting Hamilton and then suddenly on my right side Midnight came up to me and sat down. I started petting her cheek and said, "Hi, baby," like I always used to say to her and how I always used to pet her. It felt so real that she was there. I then woke up from my dream. When I told my sister the dream I started crying hardcore. It's been two weeks since her death today, and it's weird. I usually don't have dreams involving people who have passed away. I've only had maybe two or three in my entire life when I had someone who passed away in my dreams. I think the last one I had was my grandma Sharon, and I had that one maybe a few months ago and that was the first one I had of her since her death three years ago. But anyway, I just feel so sad because I saw Midnight, but in a way I think she just wanted to check up on me in my dream and let me know that she was ok. I sure do miss that dog. :(
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